Quality Assurance System for Tour Operators

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Certification Criteria

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Eligible Enterprises

Tour operators (travel agencies)

Assessment Criteria

We assess enterprises on corporate compliance with laws and regulations, quality control and service standards and CSR to certify exemplary enterprises with the following qualities.

(1) Corporate compliance with laws and regulations

The enterprise complies with laws and regulations as a tour operator. In addition, when it selects a subcontractor to arrange tours, it takes care so that the subcontractor, too, complies with laws and regulations, and the tour operator makes its best effort to ensure customers are provided with products in accordance with laws and regulations. Furthermore, as international interest in protecting personal information is increasing, the enterprise, as a company, possesses a management system so that it can properly manage travelers' personal information.

(2) Quality control and service standards

In order to provide travelers with safe and worry-free products, the enterprise has a thorough system to prepare for times of emergency and endeavors to build a cooperative framework with travel arrangement subcontractors or train staff to respond in a time of emergency. In addition, the enterprise treats comments and other feedback from travelers seriously and constantly endeavors to improve quality control and service.

(3) CSR (corporate social responsibility, environmental-friendliness and social action programs)

When planning travel products for travelers to Japan, the enterprise gives utmost consideration to diversity, including religious, ethnic and cultural diversity, and strives to deepen its staff's understanding thereof. In addition, the enterprise makes its best effort so that its products have as small an impact as possible on the environment. Furthermore, the enterprise is proactive as a company in social action programs as well.

Certification Requirements

The above three assessment criteria are quantified and enterprises that meet the criteria at or above a certain level are certified by a certification body called the Quality Assurance Review Committee. However, the following are absolute requirements for certification.

  • 1. The enterprise is a registered travel agency.
  • 2. The enterprise has acquired a P-mark (under the PrivacyMark System). If it has not acquired one, the enterprise plans to do so within 1 year and shall submit a written pledge to acquire a P-mark.

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